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Samson Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a Pharmaceutical company focused on producing OTC Drugs, Nutrition and Nutraceutical Products, Cosmetics, and Industrial Items.  With its continuous product deliveries and located in the heart of the word’s best trendsetting city of Los Angeles, Samson Pharmaceuticals Inc., is a company you can trust. Learn More


OTC Drugs & Cosmetics

Samson Pharmaceuticals Inc. produces OTC Drugs and Cosmetics found in the categories and forms of hair care, face care, body care, hands, feet, liquids, serums, emulsions, powders, solids, semi-solids, ophthalmic solutions, oral dosages, sun care, and health care.

Dietary Supplements & Food Products

Samson Pharmaceuticals Inc. produces Dietary Supplements and Food Products in the forms of liquids, powders, capsules, tablets, and soft gels.

Industrial Consumer Products

Samson Pharmaceuticals Inc. produces Industrial Consumer products in the form of cleaners, air refresheners, and e-liquids.


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